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<Instructions> element

The <Instructions> element represents an instruction that - when execute - actually executes a series of instructions that are all defined within this wrapping element.

As with each instruction it is possible to define a condition for this instruction, so that all instructions wrapped by this element are only executed if the specified condition is met.


  <!-- Post-Commit instructions -->
    <HookTypeCondition HookType="PostCommit" />
    <!-- Send email reminder to user who modified "ImportantFile.txt" with further instructions -->
    <MailInstruction FromMailAddress="" ToMailAddresses="" Subject="Attention, #author# has changed an important file." BodyTemplateFile="ImportantFileChangedMailBody.txt">
      <ChangedPathCondition ChangedPathRegExPattern=".*/trunk/ImportantFile.txt" />	  

    <!-- Notify project leader about every change -->
    <MailInstruction FromMailAddress="" ToMailAddresses="" Subject="Svn ##revision#" Body="#logmessage#"/>

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